I can help you improve your appearence, stand out from the crowd, and fight off your competitors. Good design helps your business succeed. Since 2006, I have specialized in design solutions for branding, marketing, interactive media, publications, and more.

My name is Tor Ivar Johannessen

I'm a graphic designer, web designer and illustrator. I design on all surfaces, but for the time being I'm focusing on digital design, more precisely responsive front-end web design.

Tailor made

I work hard to achieve the highest quality in everything I do. I have over ten years of experience in a variety of designs areas, this makes me in a good position to create any customized solution that the you might need.

Graphic design

I make printed material like brochures and business cards, logos with company profiling and design manuals. Posters, flyers and CD covers for music or film. I'm currently in training to add digital art and 3D illustrations to the list.

Web design

I work with front end responsive web design this being, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. I can tailor make Wordpress pages. The last few years in Banqsoft has been web sketching useing Adobe and Sketch from Bohemian Coding.

Good webdesign

Is based on a few simple principles like weight, contrast, balance, repetition and flow. Attention must be directed toward your message in a pure functional and aesthetic manner.